Surfing to San Francisco ...........✈

San Francisco is one of my favorite weekend getaway spots. It's close enough to home for a short trip but far enough that I can feel like I'm really getting away. As much as I love Los Angeles, living here all my life sometimes makes me yearn for different types of culture. I've always felt like SF had a perfect blend of west coast meets east coast, which is perfect when I need quick travel fix.

One place I instantly fell in love with was a small chain of restaurants called Turtle Tower. If you're anything like me, a nice, hot bowl of authentic Vietnamese pho is the perfect comfort food, even if it's a record breaking 106 degrees outside. And no, just because it's an Asian restaurant with "turtle" in their name doesn't mean they serve ACTUAL turtles in their soup. One word of caution though, if you're expecting the typical pho you'd get at most restaurants in SoCal, you'll be in for a surprise. It's Northern Vietnamese style pho which means some of the typical spices like star anise, cardamon, and coriander are much less present than the popular Southern style. In my opinion, the broth tasted much cleaner and beefier. Oh, and don't ask for hoisin sauce. Trust me. I learned the hard way...

San Francisco will always have a special reserved room in my heart. The drive up from LA can be a bit bland (and kind of stinky half way up, if you know what I mean) but definitely worth it in the end. Or if you ever get a chance to fly with Surf Air, it's totally an experience you won't forget. Sit back and relax with your furry friend on a private plane that seats no more than 10 with no one to fight for the armrest. You get to skip all the tedious security lines and go straight through their own private entrance. Say bye bye to taking off your shoes, tossing all your liquids, and the occasional awkward blue glove pat-down by a grumpy TSA agent, unless, of course, you have TSA PreCheck. But for real though, thanks for keeping us safe, TSA! :)

Anyway, that's enough for now. Until next time, San Francisco. Toodaloo!